How to change you FB profile picture without cropping

Hello friends!

I hope your February has been fabulous so far!

Remember, how some time ago Facebook wanted to prove that it's cooler than Instagram and decided that our profile picture needs to be in the shape on a square? Well, I wasn't necessarily super excited about it. You know us photographers and our love for composition! So naturally, I got excited, when Facebook let us decide for ourselves again! Only it's a little bit tricky.

This is what you see when you upload your new profile picture. Normally, we just click on save and we move on with our lives.

That's when this "Skip cropping" button comes in handy!

The next page will look just the same, but don't worry! Your profile picture was saved in full size and this is just for the thumbnail.

There you have it! Now you and your friends can enjoy the fullness of your photo!



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