Singing Beach in Manchaster-By-The-Sea

First of all - no, we did not see Casey Affleck. We actually haven't seen the movie yet, either. It is coming to RedBox next week though! If you have no idea what I am talking about - there's this new movie, Manchaster-By-The-Sea, starring Casey Affleck. And so it happens, this cute little town is just one exit from our cute little town. And because our cute little town is land-lock (call this luck, the only town around that has no beaches), we usually go to Singing Beach in Manchaster. It is called singing, because apparently the wind hitting the sand makes a specific noice. Haven't heard it yet, but I am sure it is totally real. :)

We had a snow day yesterday (no school, wohoo!), so we decided to go to the beach! It was only our second time seeing the beach with snow on it.

Yesterday turned out to be actually quite sunny. Cold, but sunny. Unlike last time we went, driven by the excitement to see snow on the beach, when it was raining ice and the wind made sure it was blowing straight to our faces.

One of the sweet things about the Singing Beach are the rocks that you can climb on the side. It can get slippery, but if you're careful, you can run around, pretending to run from the Orcs.

It's also always filled with dogs. Which is amazing, especially if you love puppies and you can't have one at this moment! There was this one black pup, who was totally trying show the Atlantic who is the boss, chasing the waves and barking at the ocean.

To conclude, if you are in the area, the Singing Beach is definitely a great place to visit! And don't let the weather fool you! You might not get into you water (unless the waves catch you, or you're one of those people who love to bathe in extremely cold water), but it still has a lot of character to offer!

And you can always chase the waves!



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