Matt and Heather | Maternity

I met Matt when we were visiting Hamilton in February last year. He took us back to the airport. I met (that's an exeggaration) Heather the same night. She didn't know about it. Matt was showing us the type of apartment they had through a window. It was night and their blind was open. That's how I "met" Heather. I promise I'm not a creeper.

Jeremy and I actually ended up moving to the very same building and even to the very same floor as Matt and Heather and I aquainted myself with Heather through a more typical manner via actually meeting her face to face.

By the time these pictures were taken, they were soon to be first-time parents. And by soon I mean they had about a week left! So exciting. Even though the pictures were taken on a January day, the wather couldn't be better! The sun let us to get some beautiful shots, that almost resemble fall.