Layover in Lisbon

Hello everyone!

Talk about long time no see! Well, I am back! My silence didn't mean nothing was happening. Quite the opposite. I've had clients, mostly families, which is exciting. But we also adopted a puppy and travel back to Czech twice. Which is also super exciting!

In this post I want to focus on our layover in Lisbon on our way to Czech in November. We flew TAP Portugal, because they had a great deal and with that we had 6 hour layover in Portugal's Capital. Talk about a good deal!

Lisbon's airport is only about 20 minutes from downtown by bus. It is also a regular city bus, so it's only 4 euros for there and back. For comparison, it costs about $20 to get from Oslo airport downtown. So yes, this is a sweet deal! We got on the bus and got of at this cute little square with nice tricycle taxis standing everywhere. It just stopped raining too, which created for a nice mood. It was also nice to get a break from the weather!

I did some research before hand and there was definitely some pastry that we wanted to try. I mean, we needed to try them. Clearly. What visit would it be without trying the local deliciousness? There are plenty of small little pastry shops all around the store. We decided we wanted to find a place that seemed like that's where locals go. So we went and found this one coffee shop where you basically shot your espresso standing at the bar. It reminded us of your time in Spain and we loved it. And with that we had our first taste of Portugal - Bolo de Arroz, which is basically rice muffin.

Then we went on to explore all the local cute little alleys and streets and never-ending hills and steps.

I will end this post here, keeping some more pictures for another one and avoiding writing a book.

But as to end on a sweet note, there is another traditional Portuguese pastry that everybody has to try. We went in another cute little shop, with all the locals reading that day's newspapers while drinking their coffee. We had only one thing in mind, though - Pastel de Nata. Custardey deliciousness in puff pastry shell...of my goodness.

Anyway, stay tuned for another part of our day in Lisbon! And go get some Pastel de Nata from your local Portuguese bakery (there are some around the country, google your closest one!)



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